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Remote Mobile Accessing Anytime, Anywhere

Make using a smartphone easier for senior parents, turning an old idle phone into a second phone that doesn't need to be carried around

Quick and Easy

Only one Remobax app needs to be installed on the recipient's android phone. The helpers do not need to install any software, just open the browser to complete the remote assistance.

Security and Flexibility

There are three assistance levels: the first level, browsing the recipient's phone screen; the second level, interactive guidance on the recipient's phone (but no control); and the third level, full control on the recipient's phone. These levels are completely under the control of the recipient and can be switched flexibly depending on the usage scenario.

Easy and Reliable

Remobax uses a flexible adaptive algorithm for video quality control that allows for good remote desktop quality in a variety of network environments, allowing for a smoother picture to be used even in very low-speed network environments.

Unattended Mode

The unique unattended mode makes remote phone‘s desktop access very convenient, even from iphone or PC. If you often need to access the software on your Android phone, but your primary phone is an iPhone, don't worry, turn on the unattended mode and control your Android phone anytime, anywhere. If you don't want to install the company's software on your private phone, you can place an Android phone with Remobax in your office and you can access it from your private phone anytime, anywhere.