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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the helper or client need to install any software or app?

No need at all, just use your browser to open to access it directly. If the assistance recipient shares the link via IM, then you can open the link directly in IM (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Line) for assistance and control.

As a helper, do I have to use my account to log into the Remobax console?

There are two ways to login to the Remobax console, one is to login with your account (for example, email) and the other is to visit the "shared link" sent by the assistance recipient for direct access. Usually, when you access it by clicking a shared link, you do not need to enter your account information.

How to distinguish between multiple remote phones that need assistance?

By default, Remobax uses the phone's model name to identify the different controlled phones. If the phone can not be identified by model name, you can edit the device name manually. The model or name will appear in the list of devices seen by the client.

What to do if the screen locks up during remote assistance?

If there is no operation for a long time during the remote assistance, the assisted phone screen may be locked.

At that time, remote assistance and control cannot continue, and physical real operation must be performed on the controlled phone before it can continue.

So we recommend using IM tools (such as Whatsapp, phone) to keep voice communication in real time during remote assistance, especially for users who are not too familiar with smart phone operation.

Why can't I find the entrance to unattended mode?

The feature for unattended mode is not integrated in standard edition of Remobax, you need to install "Remobax Pro" (i.e. Remobax Professional edition) for usage.

For users who just need remote assistance, we strongly suggest using the standard edition. The unattended feature needs to turn on the developer mode that is not recommended for normal users.

What is the difference between remote assistance and unattended access?

First, when a remote connection is received in Remote Assistance mode, the "Accept" button must be explicitly clicked to establish the connection, whereas in Unattended mode, although the user is prompted to “Accept” or “Reject” the remote connection, the connection will be established if the user does not take any action.

Second, the remote assistance mode can disallow remote operation and only allow remote browsing, while the unattended mode always allows remote operation.

For unattended mode, do I have to use my account to log into the Remobax console?

For unattended mode, the shared link cannot be sent because the controlled phone has no on-site user access. So you should visit it by logging into your account, browsing all the devices under your account, and then selecting the desired device to access.